Understanding the importance of sound to drive consumer behaviour

The meal was great, it reminded you why cooking should sometimes be left to the professionals. Your drink was cold, and sour, just how you like it. You and your company dressed for the occasion, but when you’re asked how your evening was on Monday morning, you respond ‘it was fine’. Why? The restaurant blared outdated pop songs, and right as you lent over the table, the gaps in the music left you shouting. It was hard to put your finger on it, but despite the building blocks of your night being geared up for success, the atmosphere wasn’t right, in fact, you and your party left quickly after the meal was complete, and found your way to a swanky new bar around the corner. It’s that venue that you recommend to your friend when they ask.

Now that may seem a little far-fetched, but we’ve all been there, and so have your customers. Sound plays an incredibly important role in establishing your brand identity, shaping how you are perceived by both present and potential customers. Great sound sets the foundations for a loyal customer base, and as we head into a year bathed in uncertainty, one thing all businesses need to encourage is the local and loyal consumer.

“The product is only part of the consumption package”

At Move Music Management, there is one thing we recognise above all else, the power of sound for building positive brand connotations. In fact, in 1973 Phillip Kotler identified that the tangible product, was only a small part of the total consumption package. How we purchase and consume a product impacts our perception of the total product itself, and he even went as far to say that in some instances, the atmosphere of the place had a bigger impact on purchasing, than the product itself. This research may be nearly 50 years old, but it’s core message still rings true today.

What this means for hotels, bars and restaurants, is that aesthetic of a venue, the atmosphere, and in sum, the takeaway experience, are pivotal to your businesses success. Especially as we navigate the next few years before us.

As technology advances, and AI becomes an embedded part of our day to day lives, it can be easy to see this as a fix all solution to an age old problem. A stress-free way to add pre-established character to your venue, at the press of a button. However, we all know that sometimes this doesn’t work, and unfortunately, when it doesn’t ,  the damage is done.

Now, technology and innovation are undeniably crucial to any businesses success, particularly post crisis as Matthew Brier and others suggest in their recent research on the role of business model innovation during the COVID-19 crisis. However, when it comes to music’s impact on the overall customer experience, a balance is needed. We firmly believe that our individually created playlists, cannot be forged without a personal, and human touch that set them apart. Partner this, with our own developing technology, and we have the toolkit to help your business thrive.

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