We work with businesses to build brand identity through sound. At Move, we know that often when it comes to the finding the sound that fit's your business, it can be difficult to get things right.
By utilising our extensive experience in the industry, and knowledge of your brand, we work to craft something special - a plan to harness the power of sound to your full advantage.

After a music consultation and site visit, we'll work to curate a signature sound that will boost business and enhance customer experience.


Our roster of professional and experienced DJs are experts when it comes to creating the perfect vibe. From uptempo grooves at clubs and bars, to laid-back beats for restaurants and beach bars. We have DJs for every scenario.

Whether it’s corporate placements or underground residencies, we cover the full spectrum. Working closely with our clients to make sure we have the perfect match for your requirements.


Selecting the right sound for your brand or business so important when it comes to brand identity. There are so many things to consider when it comes to the selection process, that's why we believe it's so important to pay attention to detail and choose music with care; it can often be a delicate process.

All our playlists are totally bespoke and designed specifically for your business.

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