We work closely with our clients to understand their business and key audience demographic. After a site visit to gauge the essence of a space, and a full music consultation, we carefully create a signature sound specifically for your brand.. We take everything into consideration when creating a concept as we believe that even the smallest details make a big difference.

Our bespoke background playlists are carefully hand-picked, ensuring that your sound is unique and considered, and always on the money when it comes to making the desired impact day or night. We're passionate about music curation, ensuring time, care and expertise in every playlist that we create. No two playlists are ever the same, guaranteeing a unique signature sound that communicates the language of your business.


Playing your bespoke playlist couldn't be easier with the Move Music App.

Expertly hand-picked music at the touch of a button.

Regular music updates to keep things fresh.

Your brand's signature sound around the clock.

Enhance customer experience

Playlists carefully programmed for different times of day.

Offline playback - So if your internet goes down, your music doesn't.

Option to import Spotify playlists

24/7 Support.

Music Deployment Simplified

Our Music Player App takes the work out of incredible soundtracks. Suitable for every scenario, the Move Music App ensures your music and sound quality remains at a consistently high level for your customers throughout their experience.

Your unique brand music, always available at the click of a button. You'll never have to worry about delivery of your music again.

Our clients are provided with their own login for the app, which is downloadable on an iOS or Android mobile device. With an easy to navigate interface, our Move Music app can be rolled out across multiple sites and zones.

Simplicity and great music guaranteed.

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