A New Website For a New Era

It’s unlikely that we’re set to forget 2020 anytime soon, in fact, many of us are fed up of hearing the phrase “the new normal” and for even more of us, the chaos of 2020 is still very much a reality. As a company, we’re grounded in the music, hospitality, events, and service industries. We’ve seen first hand how COVID-19 has impacted these sectors, and led us all to think “what’s next?”.

None of us know what the future holds, but at Move Music Management we’re constantly exploring how technology and sound can work in hand for our clients, and evermore we believe this union is paramount to the success of these establishments, in whatever ‘new’ reality awaits us.

We know that often, music isn’t considered a priority, especially if you’re not running at full speed. However, as we’ve seen clearly in the last few weeks, consumer desire to escape back to the social world is evident. Large queues to get an outdoor table and places booked up weeks in advance. We can all hope that the passion of our clients to keep the hospitality industry afloat will continue to grow as the next few months unveil amended restrictions.

That being said, the novelty of a cold metal outdoor table can only last so long — and here's where the power of music comes in. Finding the right sound can have a dramatic effect on the success of your business. In fact, in 2008 Guéguen et al studied the effect of environmental music on the consumption of beer, and found that higher sound levels alone increased the drinking speed of patrons. Ideal right?

While we all wait in anticipation for the day that we can organically wonder into a bar after work, here at Move Music Management, we’ve been busy. We’ve taken the last few months getting our exciting new website up and running, and exploring how we can best serve our clients moving forwards.

We’re thrilled to offer our services; music consultancy; DJ management; bespoke playlist curation. So if you’re interested in finding out more about what we do, take a scroll through our new website today. If you’d like to book a free consultation, please get in touch with our team.




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