MNKY HSE - From Mayfair to Manchester, The wait is over

We are delighted to be recently appointed to head up the music concept and DJ residency for MNKY HSE Manchester.

Located on Lloyd Street – MNKY HSE’s move to Manchester has been arguably one of the most hotly anticipated opening in Manchester this year. Offering contemporary Latin American vibes and cuisine, combined with award-winning mixologists, you can guarantee a stir-up of vibrant energy with an edgy and sophisticated spirit.

Music is a huge party of the MNKY HSE brand and we wanted the quality of both our music concept and DJ’s to reflect this.

The outcome – A music concept that has been carefully crafted to reflect the MNKY HSE brand, space, menu and targeted clientele. Merging together cultural Latin and world sounds that build into a true party vibe as the evening progresses. Providing the perfect place to spend the evening socialising and embracing Latin American nightlife.

Their decor is entailed with sensory lighting and accessories with a top tier sound system installed. Along with food, drinks and music of the highest order, MNKY HSE’s Latin American spirit guarantees to keep you entertained long into the night.