Firefly Manchester - Free spirited, social Dining

The inception of the brand-new Firefly is ready to experience right now. With a new refurb, dining style, huge events and a brand NEW music concept at the forefront, delivered by Move Music Management. Join us on the next chapter of Firefly's journey…

Every bar and restaurant in Manchester has its own little niche, and for Firefly – being both a day and night destination is theirs. Their new brand and concept is inspired by “the path of the rising Moon and setting Sun across the Earth and the cultural beings that followed that route.”

Mirror this with an incredible calibre of food, drinks and making it come to life, the music.

When you step into the jungle of Firefly Manchester, time doesn’t move hour to hour but mood to mood. Move Music Management were presented with a unique challenge, the objective of collaborating cultures and sounds.

The outcome – a carefully crafted range of music and sound that reflects the brand and origins of Firefly; taking into account brand concept, decor, menu and clientele. We have curated something that’s unique and what we believe stands out from market competitors. Music that sets the tone for each mood, throughout the different phases of day and night.

A visit to Firefly will not disappoint in terms of the sights, tastes, smells or sounds!​